R&D Systems

R&D Systems

R&D www.rndsystems.com R&D 总公司于1976年成立于美国,在美国NASDAQ上市 (TECH)。公司一直致力于各种细胞因子及其相关分子的生产研发。R&D的产品覆盖面广,种类丰富,质量稳定可靠,其生产的各种ELISA试剂盒、重组因子及抗体以其卓越的品质赢得了世界各国科研及临床诊断机构的青睐。安迪生物科技(上海)有限公司是由美国R&D Systems Inc.在中国投资的外商独资企业,主要从事各种细胞因子及其相关产品的销售和技术上的服务、培训与咨询。公司产品涉及许多生命科学研究领域,如发育生物学、肿瘤研究、血液学、免疫学和神经科学等等。我们致力于为中国生命科学研究领域的科学家们提供研究所需要的高品质产品,满足用户的需求,从而加速中国生物制药和生命医学市场的发展,提高疾病的诊断和治疗水平,以造福全人类。R&D Systems was founded in 1976 in Minneapolis, MN. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of TECHNE Corporation (a holding company with no employees). The stock is traded publicly on NASDAQ's National Market System under the "TECH" symbol. TECHNE has two operating subsidiaries: Research & Diagnostics Systems, Inc. (R&D Systems) and R&D Systems Europe Ltd. (R&D Europe).

R&D Systems has two operating divisions: Biotechnology, which manufactures reagents primarily for the research market, and Hematology, which manufactures controls and calibrators for hematology analyzers.

In July, 2005 R&D Systems purchased BiosPacific, which became a wholly owned subsidiary. BiosPacific is located in Emeryville, CA and consists of a sales force which provides products for development of Immunoassay kits.

R&D Systems Europe in Abingdon, England distributes biotechnology products and is the European Representative for the Biotech Division. They received ISO 9001: 2000 certification in June, 2007. EuroCell Diagnostics, Village de la Metairie Batiment B, 35131 Chartes de Bretagne is the European Representative for the Hematology Division.

R&D Systems Europe has a sales subsidiary, R&D Systems GmBH, in Germany. R&D Systems established a wholly owned subsidiary in the People's Republic of China in May 2007. R&D Systems China Co. Ltd. officially opened its Warehouse and distribution center in Shanghai, China on October 1, 2007. R&D China will provide products and marketing and technical support to our Chinese distributors. R&D Systems' physical plant includes over 498,460 square feet of laboratory, manufacturing,

Company Facts

Founded: 1976 Corporate Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN USA Locations of Sales Subsidiaries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, and China Facilities: 498,460 square feet Number of Employees: 630 Number of Products: 9,000+ Annual Revenues: over $200 million Key Products & Services

Biotechnology Division:

Proteins Antibodies ELISA/Assay Kits ELISpot Kits Multiplex Assays/Arrays Flow Cytometry Kits mRNA Quantitation Kits Cell Selection Kits Cell Culture & Stem Cell Reagents Primer Pairs Supplemental Research Reagents Assay Services (Analytical Testing Service and Custom Assay Development)

Hematology Division: Controls Calibrators Linearity Materials Survey Materials Interlaboratory Quality Control Program


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